We at KVC design, supply, Install and commission Extraction sum Distillation Units on Batch and continuous process as per clients specific Process Requirements and vacuum Levels required.

A Typical Extraction operation involves preferential solubilizing of one or more soluble constituents (solutes) of a solid mixture by a liquid solvent. The unit described here is for a semi-batch operation.

The solid to be extracted is put inside a fiber bag and placed in an extraction vessel. Solvent from the reboiler is continuously evaporated, condensed and circulated through a reflux divider by means of piping network and valves. When desired/ steady concentration of solute is achieved in the solution the operation is discontinued. The solution is drained off and collected for further use.

After charging fresh solid in fiber bag and solvent in reboiler, the cycle can be restarted again. The units are available in vessel sizes of 10, 20, & 50L, 200 & 200 L and is suitable for operation under atmospheric pressure or vacuum