R & D Facility

KVC offer's R&D and Pilot Plant Studies and Research Facility with Technical Assistance for Process Development & Optimization

KVC takes great pleasure to announce the opening of HiTech R&D centre and pilot at Mulshi Near Pune. We offer services clientsto take trials for their R&D and New Product trials for development. We also offer technical know how for new product development. Process development and optimization

Equipment Available

Rotary Evvaporator (Capacity 5L)

Fully Automatic 5L capacity glass rotary evaporator for carrying out various reaction for solvent distillation, drying, crystallization process etc.

High Pressure Stirred SS316 Autoclave (Capacity 2L & 5L)

SS316 High Pressure Stirred Autoclave for carrying our Processes for Hydrogenation, Polymersation, Gas Liquid Reactions, Catalyst Development Reactions, High Temperature and High Pressure Reactions etc.

SS316 Multipurpose Distillation Units (Capacity 3L & 20L)

SS316 Multipurpose Distillation Unit with SS High Speed Pitched Blade Stirrers and Magentic Drive Coupling for Carrying out Mixing, Stirring, Reactor Development, Fractional Distillation, Dean & Stark Reactions etc. under full Vacuum and Pressure upto 5 Bar G.

PTFE Reactor with Glass Multipurpose Distillation Units (Capacity 20L)

PTFE Lined SS Reactor with PTFE Lined Anchor Blade Stirrer and Overhead Glass Distillation Unit with 3 mtrs. Packed Column with Structure Packing and Twin Receivers for carrying out Several Reactions like Stirring, Solid Liquid Mixing, Vacuum Distillation, Fraction Distillation etc. using highly corrosive material.

Quality Control Equipment

Our R&D Centre is fully equipped with Testing Facilities like Fully Automatic GC and HPLC Systems for Detailed Testing of all Development Products in House.


Our R&D Centre is fully equipped with all required units like High Vacuum System, Chilled Water Plant (+5 ℃), Cryostats (-20 ℃), Single Fluid Heating & Cooling Circulators (-20 ℃ to + 250 ℃), Hydrogen, Air at 5 Bar G Pressure etc.