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  • We Offer Services for Technical Knowhow, Product Development, Design, Basic Engineering Basic Engineering and Fabrication & Supply of Modular Pilot Plants, for API, Bulk Drugs and Specialty Chemicals in Semi and Fully Automated Designs with Options of PLC and Scada Type complete Digital Automation

Our own R&D facility

We provide services for Product Development, Technical Assistance, and Scale up Studies etc for API Bulk Drugs and Specialty Chemicals at our Own R&D Centre at Pune Maharashtra

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Pilot Plant For Sulphonation

We provide detailed Design, Fabrication, Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Pilot Plants for Sulphonation Reactions and for Kilo Lab Studies with Technical Assistance for Scale up and detailed engineering

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Packed Bed Reactor System

We offer Modular Pilot Plants in Semi & Fully Automated Designs for Packed Bed Reactors, Fluidized Bed Reactor & Vapour Phase Reactor studies & Kilo Scale Production

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High Pressure Hydrogenation

We Design & Supply High Pressure Reactors , Autoclaves & Pilot Plants upto 350 Bar G Pressure and Temperatures up to 550 Deg C for Typical Reactions like Hydrogenation, Catalyst Development Studies and Scale Up Studies

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High Vacuum Dist Process

We design & Supply Pilot Scale Complete Distillation Assemblies for Operating Under High Vacuum for Solvent Distillation , Perfumery and Fine Chemical Industries & Spl Chemicals from 1 L to 200 L Reactor Capacities

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Solvent Dist Process

We Design & Supply Pilot Plants with Connected Oil Heating & Cooling Systems for Typical Dist Process, Solvent Dist, High Pressure Processes and for Applications as per Specific Clients Requirements in Various MOC like Borosilicate Glass / SS 316 / Hastelloy / Titanium Grade B / Monel and PTFE Lining

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Multipurpose Dist Unit

We Design & Supply Lab & Pilot Scale Modular Pilot Plants for Dist Applications for High Pressure / High Vacuum Stirring Reactions with Variety of Agitator Designs with Magnetic Drive Couplings for Zero Leakage Maintenance Free Working .

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Photo Chlorination Process

We Offer Pilot Plants and Lab Units in Borosilicate Glass for Typical Lab & Pilot Plant Applications of Distillation along with Refrigerated Heating & Cooling Units for Operating for Operating Temps from -50 to 200 Deg C

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Extraction Cum Dist Process

We Design & Supply Modular Pilot Plants for Extraction Process like Solid Liquid / Liquid -Liquid Extraction under Vacuum with Complete Knowhow or as per Clients Specific Designs & Requirements

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